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Sybase HIPAA Solutions


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates provisions to guard patient privacy and protect health information. It is also intended to save billions of dollars by simplifying the complex process of claims administration and payment through a single standard for healthcare transactions.  While the latest HIPAA transaction revisions won’t require the same level of effort compared to the initial phases of compliance, they will still require significant amount of work to accommodate them. Since the revisions are to address the ambiguities in the first set of standards, they should lead to improvements in efficiency and reduce the costs associated with delivering care to patients.

By combining HIPAA-compliance efforts with steps to integrate all of your business processes and communicate better with your trading partners, your healthcare organization will become more competitive. Sybase believes that the healthcare market leaders of tomorrow will be those with streamlined, end-to-end, processes integrated with their trading partners.

As you prepare your organization to succeed in the next phase of the healthcare industry, it’s important that you choose a technology solution that's truly open, and a partner who's both committed to the changing world of HIPAA requirements and thoroughly experienced in business process integration.

Sybase excels in these areas and is uniquely qualified to help you transition smoothly from your current position to full HIPAA compliance and full business process integration. Our HIPAA transaction tools are easy to use and platform independent. They greatly reduce the time needed for data integration efforts, enabling you to focus less on "getting to the data" and more on strategically using the data to improve business performance.

Sybase HIPAA Solutions Include:

  • The HIPAA Accelerator - Provides healthcare organizations an out of the box solution to validate HIPAA transactions against the Implementation Guides. 
  • EDI Server - Is a suite of tools that provides industrial strength capabilities for production EDI operations. This suite of products integrates EDI technology with your existing business systems.
  • HIPAA 5010 Transition Services

Healthcare organizations have until December 2010 to design and build their 5010 solution.  Beginning in 2011 they are required to test that solution with external trading partners for a  final cutover to 5010 only transactions by end of 2011.  The deadlines have been pushed out as far as CMS will allow and there will be no further extensions because the mandate to implement ICD-10 is dependent on the HIPAA 5010 Migration completing as scheduled.  Sybase offers a solution for the migration of HIPAA based transactions from the 4010 standard to the 5010 standard.

Mandated HIPAA Milestone Dates

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