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Smart Client Architectures for the Mobile Developer

Mobile solutions can be built in many different ways, used on many different devices, operate over many different networks, and integrate with many different back-end systems. The task of building a mobile solution can often be daunting given the many technology choices and implementation approaches. This whitepaper explores common architectures that have been successfully used by enterprises to build smart-client solutions with iAnywhere developer technologies, including SQL Anywhere, M-Business Anywhere and Afaria.

The paper will explore the differences between smart-client and thin-client mobile architectures, and when you would want to use each. It will then examine the details of common smart-client architectures, including what type of back-end systems they integrate with, the types of devices they support, how data is managed within the architecture, and development languages that can be used to build the application.

Download Whitepaper (PDF)

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